Based on the well-established 150W converter series PCMDS150 for railway and industrial applications, MTM Power has designed the DC/DC converter PCMDS150 350S24 UK especially for the use in wind energy plants.

The converter is directly supplied from the battery-supported direct-current line voltage in wind energy plants. Thereby the wide input voltage range of 100VDC – 450VDC allows an optimal utilisation of the existing battery capacity.

Due to the comparability of the requirements of electrical equipment on wind energy plants with demands on railway standards, for example wide operating temperature range of -40°C – 70°C, humidity, shock and vibration as well as transient voltages, the converter provides perfect characteristics for this application. The thermoselective vacuum encapsulation developed by MTM Power allows these special features. The complete enclosure of the electronics by potting material guarantees uniform heat dissipation, an excelling connection of all hotspots to heat sink or base plate as well as entire resistance against environmental influences such as shock, vibration and humidity.

The converter operates on push-pull topology and is available with any output voltages from 12VDC up to 53.6VDC. The device can be switched into an energy-saving stand-by operation via a remote control. The controlled output power of 24V (6.25A) can be analysed externally by a potential-free power-good signal. The maintenance-free converters are permanently short-circuited protected and need no ground load. Cooling is achieved by free convection. Depending on the requirements, versions with either integrated heat sink or base-plate to be mounted on a heat-dissipating surface are available. The devices can be connected via rugged industrial connectors; optionally also available according to protection degree IP65.