The BAP 3KR Series rugged, railway quality DC/DC converter delivers up to 3kW output power. It accepts a nominal input voltage of 110Vdc (66 – 154V range) and is rated for a single output of 28V/107A with peak operating current of 115A for 10ms. Other input and output values are available on request.

This converter meets all relevant railway standards including EN50155 for electronic equipment used on railway rolling stock. It also has input and output filtering in compliance with EN55022 and EN50121-3-2 conducted and radiated EMI standards.

The BAP 3KR unit has four internal modules, which also provide inherent redundancy; the failure of one module would result in only a minor loss in total output power. The unit has 3kVdc input to output isolation, inrush current limiting and reverse polarity protection at the input. Over-voltage, rectangular current limiting with short circuit and thermal protection are standard. Optional output fail alarm (Form C), indicators and control input are available.

This compact unit measures 244mm x 132mm x 407mm and weighs 8kg. Built-in fans provide sufficient airflow for operation up to 55°C without de-rating. It is fully ruggedised and conformal coated to ensure immunity to shock, vibration and moisture and meets IEC 61373 categories 1 A and B shock and vibration standards.