TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID solutions for railway applications has received an important order from RICHOR, TagMaster’s premium Chinese distributor, to supply 10,000 heavy-duty ID-tags. These customised 2.45GHz ID-tags form part of several equipment orders relating to the letter of intent announced in May 2011, which covers the joint development of an RFID system for use on mainline railways in China.

These heavy-duty ID-tags will be installed on the track and form part of a new onboard warning system which will be used to improve train safety when trains pass temporary speed limits at work areas located on the line. The hardware supplied by TagMaster also includes heavy-duty RFID readers which will be mounted onboard trains. The onboard warning system first underwent performance testing in China in 2010 and a full scale trial has been approved by the Ministry of Rail in China.

RICHOR is based in Shanghai and has been developing a number of key railway projects over a number of years. Each project builds on the strengths of TagMaster’s 2.45GHz RFID system together with RICHOR’s application skills and knowledge of the local requirements in China.

“This large tag order from RICHOR confirms their commitment to this strategic rail project in China. With projects like this, RICHOR together with their local system integrators have helped establish TagMaster as a major RFID supplier to the rail industry in China,” said Richard Holt, director of sales for transportation at TagMaster.