TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID solutions for long range identification in access control, rail applications and asset tracking presents the new UHF EPC Gen 2 reader model XT-3. This new reader model further strengthens TagMaster’s position as the leading supplier of long range RFID readers. The new reader can be seen at the international trade show International Parking Institute (IPI), 22-25 May Pittsburgh, US (Booth 301) by Tagmaster North America, the premium partner to TagMaster in North America. The XT-3 reader will also be presented at the Intertraffic trade show in Istanbul, Turkey on 26 May by Fides Teknoloji, a long-term partner to TagMaster in the Turkish market (Hall 9, booth no. K-8).

The XT-3 reader has a built in antenna and can be equipped with optional external antennas. A number of new features are made available such as the unique configurable LED indicator at the front of the reader as well as on the optional external antenna. The reader is designed in the same popular and attractive design style used as in all TagMaster readers and with space made available inside the reader for optional equipment to be installed such as add-ons for wireless communication. This new reader is easy to configure using a standard web browser and easy to install with standardised mounting facilities. It is a suitable product solution in many vehicle identification installations and where a standardised product is asked for.

The XT-3 reader is designed for outdoor installations classified for IP65 level of ingression protection. It is built in a suitable sturdy casing and designed to operate in all climatic conditions and temperatures ranging from 30°C (-22°F) to +60°C (+140°F).

The reader complies with the ISO 18000-6 type C standard, also called EPC Gen 2. The reader complies with regional regulations in terms of frequency range and output power. There are two versions of the reader, one designed according to the US specification, XT-3us, and one according to the European specification, XT-3eu. Both readers are characterised by the high-quality and reliability associated with all TagMaster products.

The same reader controller platform is used in this product model as in all TagMaster readers with a Linux operating system and a full range of communication interfaces made available as standard.

Being equipped with the Linux operating system this new reader supports the same software applications used in all readers from TagMaster. These applications are now available in the XT series to provide extensive functionality and interfaces. This makes integration to management systems and other equipment quick and easy.