An integrated overall concept for modern data centres, ‘Rittal The System’ offers support for the active and passive side of a data centre with five perfectly matched modules: rack, power, cooling, security and monitoring and remote management. ‘Rittal The System’ provides the key elements to support the necessary environment to maintain operation of the system, whether for server room or data centre, high or highest availability, the separate modules can be adapted to individual changes in demand.

At the heart of the rack-optimised design, the widely proven TS 8 server enclosure platform offers maximum rack volumes, scalable baying options, optimum surface protection, extreme stability and endless expansion possibilities. An additional benefit of ‘Rittal The System’ is that it is not only supported worldwide, but by utilising the power of the internet, products can now be configured online. No matter what time it is, or how complex the configuration, there is always the ability to get a rapid quotation.

With an off-the-shelf range of over 8,000 standard products, Rittal is one of the world’s leading system suppliers for housing and enclosure technologies as well as a solutions partner to all segments of the IT market.