Schaefer, a manufacturer of robust and reliable power supplies, is pleased to announce the MHVC250 high voltage dc/dc converter.

The MHVC250 design features a wide input range of 420VDC to 975VDC which converts voltage from the third rail to 24VDC for supplying points, signal lamps and electronic monitoring. The MHVC250 can also be used as a
self-starting module for trams or trolleys with discharged batteries, avoiding towing.

The converter’s rugged design and high quality components yield high reliability in transit applications, even under severe shock and vibration conditions. The converter is housed in a compact 13in x 7in x 3.42in aluminum case, wall mountable with spring clamps.

Highly efficient, the MHVC250 performs in convection cooled conditions over an ultra-wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Short circuit protection is inherent in the design.

The MHVC Series is also available in 100W, 500W, and 1,000W power ratings.

For further information, please contact Schaefer.