In September 2010, Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei GmbH (MFL) attended the Innotrans Show in Berlin for the first time. The company presented interesting and innovative products for the processing of rails.

First and foremost MFL presented the mobile railmilling machine. This machine has been designed for the work on normal rail track, high-speed lines as well as for the use in underground systems. The MFL railmilling machine removes up to 7mm of the defect rail surface in one pass and guarantees an accurate longitudinal and cross profile. The operator’s quality requirements can be reached without any additional grinding process.

MFL offers for the manufacturing of rails combined rail sawing and drilling machines as well as rail drilling and milling machines. These machines are equipped with carbide tipped saw blades / milling heads and drillers and enable an economic and exact processing of rails and round as well as slotted holes. MFL is also an experienced partner for the supply of complete rail production lines as general contractor.

For the production of rail axles MFL offers a combined sawing machine (new development). This machine cuts axles to the required length and can mill, drill and throw the ends of the axles. After this process the axles are finished for the further throwing process. The product range for the rail industry is completed by cast steel parts, mobile crushing plants for sleepers and components for rail vehicles and rail construction machines.

MFL is a very experienced and reliable partner for different applications in the rail industry.