MERMEC Group has announced that Russell Taylor has been appointed president and CEO of its American subsidiary Imagemap, effective as of 01 January 2010.

Taylor has over 32 years of railroad and mass transit experience, having started his career with the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1977. He has worked in a variety of capacities including construction and construction management, design and engineering, as well as sales and marketing.

Taylor comes to Imagemap from The Okonite Company, where he served as vice president for railroad and transit sales. As president and CEO of Imgemap he will lead the company to serve rail, transit and steel customers in the US, Canada and Australia by offering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for diagnostics, asset management, signalling, advanced services and industrial applications.

MERMEC Group is an industry leader and innovator focused on developing cutting-edge technology to advance safety, efficiency and availability of railway and rapid transit networks worldwide. The MERMEC Group provides products and services in more than 35 countries, with nearly 90 major private and public customers involved in freight and passenger transport, train production and wheel and rail manufacturing.