A rugged, large-lever selector switch for switching clearly between two positions has been developed by EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces (HMI).

Featuring a tough, anodised aluminium handle that is comfortable to grip, this is an ideal HMI device for any application where it is critical to show a very clear change in status – a door lock, for instance.

Behind the lever, there is an immensely strong stainless steel locking mechanism from EAO’s series 04 range. It can withstand harsh operation, impact and even very forceful acts of vandalism.

A self-cleaning, snap-action switching element with gold-plated silver contacts provides a reliable and long service life; silver / palladium contacts may be specified for particularly aggressive environments.

This HMI device was originally developed as a door-locking mechanism for on-board toilet facilities in rail vehicles. EAO worked in full partnership with Bombardier, one of the world’s largest train builders, to address the needs of both passengers and service providers.

To improve comfort and privacy, passengers require a clear, reassuring indication that the door is locked when the facility is in use. It must be intuitive, attractive and easy to use by both able-bodied passengers and less able-bodied.

Bombardier required a robust, highly reliable solution that requires minimal maintenance and a long life-cycle cost benefit, that is resistant to heat, shock, vibration and vandalism and compliant to the latest disabled-access regulations.

EAO designed the selector switch to complement the series 56 pushbuttons, with their bright yellow bezel, LED ‘halo’ illumination and braille markings. Bombardier received a complete, fully-wired aluminium panel, ready to install.

EAO met all the requirements and more, providing the human touch that is so desirable in modern passenger environments.