Our new BK6000 digital-image capturing borescope offers unlimited uses for inspecting and photographing those hard-to-see places. With the BK6000, technicians can diagnose problems more accurately and quickly, avoiding disassembly when not required, resulting in significant savings in time and effort.

The BK6000 probe will light the way to the inspection area and enable you to zoom in, examine the target and take still images or video. These can be saved to the onboard memory, an SD card or to a computer for viewing and emailing to colleagues or customers.

The BK6000 is a time-saving tool with many industrial applications including:

  • Inspecting cylinder bores and valves through spark plug hole
  • Examining bearings, transmissions and slew rings for wear
  • Checking the condition of pump impellers and valve internals
  • Viewing inside body panels for defects and hidden damage
  • Inspecting electrical routing behind dashboards and panels
  • Checking electro-hydraulic systems in aircraft
  • Locating fluid leaks without a direct line of sight

Features and benefits of the BK6000:

  • Records and plays back still images and video
  • 3.5in TFT LCD display offers large viewing screen
  • 2 x digital zoom for increased viewing and recording flexibility
  • Various imager types and lengths — waterproof with LCD lights
  • Quick-change connector enables use of alternative imagers
  • Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack
  • Operational while battery is charging
  • Easy-to-use, multi-language interface
  • Mini USB connector for uploading images and video to a computer
  • SD card slot — save images and videos to take with you anywhere
  • Control handle disengages to allow greater maneuverability of imager
  • Audio jack for recording comments with optional earbud and microphone
  • Integrated stand and hanger for flexible positioning
  • Two-year warranty for added purchase security

For more information and special offer pricing, please contact us using the enquiry form and request the BK6000 flyer.