A high-tech component made by ContiTech Air Spring Systems ensures safety and riding comfort in the TGV Duplex double-decker high-speed trains operated in France and in the TGV Korea non-double-decker adaptation of these trains.

The so-called coupling mount, a cone-shaped articulation manufactured by ContiTech Schwingmetall® functions as main connection between the individual cars, where it is centrally positioned between the two air springs. The coupling mount is the main component for longitudinal transmission of pulling force. “At the moment, we’re the only one on the market able to obtain a release from Alstom, the train manufacturer,” reports Friedrich Hoppmann, segment head of Railway Engineering at ContiTech Air Spring Systems.

The coupling mount is made of plasma-coated steel fittings. Its stiffness is variable for a sure connection and thus a smooth start. On the other hand it is flexible enough to guarantee the rotary motion of the individual cars. The component boasts a distinctively compact construction. In addition it reduces structure-borne sound and thus enhances riding comfort.