According to the specificity of embedded railway constraints, industrial networks cannot satisfy the requirements of availability and long-term disposibility. However, the request of telecontrol and real-time maintenance information collection is increasing day by day. This is the main reason for the growing success of MVB technology.

If the Master part of MVB (gateways, routers. etc.) is unique in a vehicle, the slave nodes are numerous and the MVB connection price is more critical.

Moreover, the great diversity of the equipment to be connected (lights, doors, air conditioning, energy, information displays, etc.), developed by various industrialists (mechanics, hydraulics engineers, electricians, etc.) require a very modular and flexible interface on the equipment side.

Based on its own MVB class 1 component (FPGA), Kontron BGT have introduced to the market a new technological brick designed to be directly implemented on the electrical part of the customer’s equipment. The software interface can also be customized according to customers’ specifications.

A standard form factor (CXC, PC/104, PMC) already exists for fast prototyping and a CXC Class 4 module is also available.