The new Tammermatic XJ model metro train line is based on the most advanced design technologies with touch screens and capabilities for front, side, rear and roof washes with multiple wash programs including drying. The system is also connected to a water recycling system which saves both water and chemicals and it operates fully automatically after wash program selections.

The latest fully automatic metro train washing machine was delivered to St Petersburg, which is the second largest city in Russia with over 5 million inhabitants. The city is widespread and underground public transportation is essential for the whole city operations. Huge traffic jams occur daily as the number of vehicles has increased steadily since the collapse of Soviet Union.

The first Metro line in St Petersburg was opened in 1955 and the Metro now has over 60 stations along the routes of 70 miles and transits over four million passengers daily.
The Tammermatic wash line replaced a 30-year-old Soviet unit which became obsolete a long time ago. St Petersburg metro has a large metro train fleet and therefore several hundreds of wagons must be washed weekly.

Other installations are ongoing and more are also taking place later in 2010 and 2011.

“The good reputation of Tammermatic Interclean Group and our importers, the long and reliable working life and easy service work of Tammermatic Interclean systems were the reasons why the Tammermatic system won this tender. It is a great pleasure selling such high tech machines and to know that all end users will be satisfied,” explains export manager Mr Juha Tukiainen from Finland.