Vector Lifting is a totally independent company and is not associated in any way with the “Vector Group”.

Vector Lifting Pty Ltd is an Australian based company, established in 1989, engaged in the design and manufacture of specialist lifting and railway maintenance equipment.

It has come to our attention that other companies are incorporating the term Vector in their trading names which may lead to the impression that they are associated with Vector Lifting.

To avoid any misunderstanding Vector Lifting wish to make it clearly understood by our past and future clients that Vector Lifting have not associated with Vector Group on past projects and will not do so in the future.

Vector Lifting is recognised internationally as the leader in heavy vehicle lifting equipment, particularly when it comes to railway maintenance equipment. With over 25 years’ experience in this specialised field, Vector Lifting has the engineering solutions for all types of materials handling problems. Efficient maintenance and service facilities can mean the difference between acceptable and unacceptable profits. This is especially true when that facility is for light or heavy railway systems, urban transport authorities or long haul passenger and freight terminals.

All Vector Lifting equipment is designed with a sharp focus on quality and reliability and safety. Our products not only inherit our extensive knowledge in the form of standard features, but offer a flexibility in design to suit specific client needs. Vector Lifting has developed numerous pieces of equipment to best address all types of lifting problems in the rail industry.

Some of such products include:

  • Underfloor lifting systems
  • Railway jacks
  • Bogie drop tables
  • Bogie load system
  • Bogie assembly and disassembly hoists
  • Bogie and wheelset turntables
  • Wheelset and axle rotators

Our projects have included full turn-key installations, with Vector Lifting taking responsibility from design to the fully operational finish. Such a project was completed for the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which as part of the facility included an underfloor lifting system capable of lifting simultaneously all 12 cars of an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trainset.

The innovation and engineering excellence found in all our products has contributed to Vector Lifting’s rapidly developing global reputation as a leader in design and construct projects for this market.