The constantly growing demand of quality assurance for a 100% inspection without touching the object being measured leads to an increased use of laser sensors in the field of geometric measurement or positioning of components.

The new OPTImess 2D light section sensor represents a further development of the OPTImess 1D. In this sensor, the punctiform laser beam is widened to a line. By projecting this laser line onto a CCD matrix detector, a 2D measurement along the line is possible. The OPTImess 2D therefore allows track width, cant of rail, rail head and wheel profiles to be measured without moving the sensor.

With a size of 200mm x 90mm x 50mm, measuring ranges up to 300mm and line lengths up to 150mm are available. The whole measured value processing takes place in the sensor.

The data string of the measured values along the measuring line is available directly at the output. Therefore no external controller is necessary which dispenses with the need to limit the cable length.