The Eurotech COM-1240 is the missing link between the PC104 bus and the MVB bus.

Amaro (Udine, Italy): today Eurotech released the COM-1240, a new PC/104 compliant communications module specifically created to be used as a rugged interface between the devices installed onboard railway vehicles and a PC/104 based system.

The COM-1240 features an MVB (Multifunctional Vehicle Bus) interface and provides access to an EMD (Electrical Middle Distance) medium by means of onboard transformers. The board manages the complete Train Communication Network (TCN) protocol stack up to the session layer for Class 3 devices (optionally Class 4).

The COM-1240 has a 32bit, 24MHz RISC microprocessor that manages the interfacing procedure and saves valuable resources from the main CPU module that will only have to handle the application layer. The onboard SRAM size is 1MB and is accessible from the host.

The module is EN50155 compliant and resistant to high vibration, humidity and temperature extremes.