MCT Brattberg’s WinRG Plan cable transit planning software for frames with square corners has been available for a long time. However, what is new is that this program now includes software for planning where to fit the correct insert blocks into RGSC transit frames. RGSC is a frame with rounded corners that reduces the risk of cracks forming in decks and bulkheads which are subjected to high stress.

This combined software includes a wealth of project-specific information ready to use with your designs, such as:

  • Frame / item name location
  • Cable name(s) with type and diameter
  • Block type
  • Compression type
  • Expansion capacity

You can select from the available options to modify an existing project or to create an entirely new design.

You can obtain the new software program by contacting your local MCT Brattberg representative; if you already have an earlier version of the program you can update the program.