The SPL–Rhomberg AG with head offices in St. Gallen was founded on 19 November 2004 by SPL Powerlines GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna and Rhomberg Bau AG, St. Gallen. SPL Powerlines was the result of a management buy out from Siemens AG Austria. It has substantial know-how in rail engineering for the construction of catenary systems, cable systems, radio systems, etc.

As a railway specialist, SPL-Rhomberg AG offers all electro-mechanical services in a range within 10m of the track, with special focus on catenary, cable systems, power supply, high and low voltage systems, GSM-R radio systems, as well as signalling systems.

The company develops, promotes and assists the development of specialized solutions for the construction and maintenance of transport systems. SPL-Rhomberg AG’s objective is to increase the safety, availability and ease of maintenance of public mobility systems.

SPL-Rhomberg AG enhances the competence of the Rhomberg Bahntechnik group. We are thus able to guarantee an optimal solution fulfilling the requirements and wishes of the end users, for the construction, the operation as well as the maintenance of the entire railway equipment.

Our overall expert know-how allows us to define ideal interface solutions, thereby reducing the project’s execution costs.