With the front-end gangway it is possible to react flexibly and fast to an increased number of passengers. Attached to the driver cockpits, they connect trains throughout. In this way it is possible for passengers to easily move through the entire train safely.

HÜBNER front-end gangways are available in two versions – as sliding plates front-end gangways and as modular front-end gangways. The gangway is attached to the outside of the front section of the vehicle. When two trains are coupled, elastomer springs press the gangway sliding-plate onto the other gangway half, located opposite. In this way, a connection is formed between the two gangway sections without any additional manual operations being necessary.

This modular gangway is integrated into the front section of the vehicle between the driver control stands. When uncoupled, each half section can be recessed into its respective vehicle front and closed by the outer doors located on the vehicle front. This means that the vehicle is firmly sealed and provided with an aerodynamic and aesthetic shape. The gangway therefore blends in very well with the overall design of the vehicle.

When connecting two trains with one another, the doors are opened from the inside and then firmly fixed to the end wall of the car. After opening the doors, the gangway is moved manually outwards and then fully sealed and connected with the other half located opposite. A safe crossover is ensured at all times thanks to the proven HÜBNER component part technology – a corrugated bellow closed and sealed on all sides with an aluminium couple frame and linking bridge. The coupling process can be handled by the driver or guard in a few simple steps in a maximum of 5 minutes.