HUBER+SUHNER, recognised by many as the leader in fibre optic connectivity, announces that its latest fibre optic cable has been authorised for use throughout the London Underground (LUL) network by meeting the fire, smoke and toxic fume requirements of LUL’s 1-085 standard.

The metal-free LSFH cable is a multi-fibre, loose tube fibre optic cable designed for systems and equipment that need fast data transmission rates including signaling, platform information systems, video links and CCTV as well as ticketing systems.

Available with fibre counts from 24 up to 144 fibres, it is suitable for both inside and outdoor use and is low smoke, halogen free and self-extinguishing, characteristics that have allowed the cable to meet the exacting fire safety standards of London Underground’s 1-085 fire safety performance of materials specification.

The 1-085 safety standard is a specification which details the most demanding flammability, smoke emission and toxic fume emission test requirements that products have to meet to be used in its passenger and engineering trains, tunnels and underground stations.

The purpose of the standard is ‘to ensure that the risk to which the public and employees are exposed is controlled to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.’

The toxic fume emission test, for example, is designed ‘to confirm that all combustible materials do not contain halogens, nitrogen, or sulphur which are known to potentially give rise to toxic fume emission.’ The testing has been carried out by an accredited test house using a qualitative analysis x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy process confirmed that none of these elements were present in the cable construction.

In addition to fibre optic cables, HUBER +SUHNER has an extensive range of fibre optic connectors, and is able to offer fully terminated and tested fibre optic assemblies. The company’s pre-terminated and factory tested Masterline® cable assembly range provides fast on site deployment.