Wolfenschiessen is in the tourist area of Central Switzerland. Many trains pass daily from Luzern to Engelberg. Since last summer the traffic in Wolfenschiessen crosses the track over rubber elements.

Company REX in Mendrisio has created the SWISSCROSS Rubber Level Crossings through cooperation with a company in Finland and is distributor in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany.

SWISSCROSS rubber elements reduce noise, vibration and abrasion. The crossing has a permanent anti-slip surface and is weather resistant. The 6 m large crossing was completely installed in only 90 minutes. Male elements were lowered into female and screwed together. In case of reparation this elements could be replaced quickly and separately.

If necessary a kit “Easy Fit” could be used for difficult applications between crossing and road. “Easy Fit” is a metal frame adjustable in any dimensions and filled up with concrete or asphalt.