Absopulse Electronics presents the BCH 2K5-120NP-EQ, a rugged, industrial quality battery charger that uses field-proven high-frequency conversion technology to deliver up to 2500W continuous output power.

This charger accepts an input voltage range of 190V to 264Vac. In float mode, it provides 135Vdc/16A for charging a 120V (60 cell) battery. Other input and output values are available on request.

The design of the BCH 2K5-120NP-EQ also has a manually initiated equalise cycle. Activated by a push-button ‘EQ/ON’, the equalise function elevates the output voltage to 141Vdc for the battery. The equalise time is controlled by a built-in timer, adjustable in the range of one to nine hours. This mode can be manually de-activated at any time.

The BCH 2K5-120NP-EQ is rated for heavy-duty applications with -40°C to +70°C temperature rating for full specification. Cooling is achieved by convection via louvers on the cabinet. The absence of fans, low component count and the use of components with established reliability result in a high MTBF. The robust chassis was designed for a wall-mounted application.

This charger is constructed with internal modules, connected in parallel, which also provide inherent redundancy. A failure of one module would only cause a minor loss in output power. The charger output is equipped with a built-in crossbar diode and output breaker as a safety feature against accidental reverse battery connection. Other protection includes input inrush current limiting, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, and a self-resetting thermostat for thermal protection. An optional charger fail alarm (Form C) indicates loss of AC input power.

Absopulse offers an extensive range of battery chargers and UPS systems that can be modified to meet almost any electrical and mechanical requirement. We also welcome requests for fully custom-built units.