Kontron has announced that the panel PC Pico Client received a Deep Green Editor’s Choice award from Embedded Computing Design magazine on 14 April 2010. The Kontron Pico Client was singled out by editors for its ultra-small package and low power consumption making it a noteworthy solution for space and energy-efficient ‘green’ applications.

“Kontron is offering something unique with its new panel PC,” said Don Dingee, editorial director of Embedded Computing Design magazine. “Utilising ARM9-based performance at 200MHz packed in a 156mm x 212mm x 50mm package with a 5.7in colour display and touch screen, Kontron’s Pico Client fits the role for many small industrial applications with its IP65 rating and fanless operation.”

The features of the Kontron panel PC Pico Client offer an optimal systems platform for visual and control tasks in a broad range of industrial and automation equipment and mobile devices. The IP65-protected resistive 5.7in VGA TFT touch-screen (640px x 480px) panel PC features a low-power design. The Kontron Pico Client delivers flexibility and usability to cost-sensitive applications with tight power restrictions via its Jazelle extension integrated in its 200MHz/32Bit ARM9 processor.

By running the Java code directly on the hardware, it speeds up cross-platform Java applications by up to eight times and enables Kontron’s low-power panel PC to run even complex Java applications on an extremely compact footprint. The fanless Kontron Pico Client also offers two real-time Ethernet 100Mb interfaces and one USB and COM port (RS232 or RS485).

The new Kontron panel PC Pico Client supports Windows CE and is now available with CE, cULus and EN/UL60950-1 certification in EMEA and will be available in North America and APAC in early Q3 2010.