RAIL.ONE Group, internationally
successful manufacturer of concrete sleepers and systems provider
for railtrack infrastructure, has been awarded a major contract for
the project TTY Airport MRT Access System in Taiwan. As a result,
the RHEDA 2000® ballastless track system will be applied to link
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to the metro network of the
capital of Taipei. A total of 150,000 modified RAIL.ONE bi-block Type
B 355 sleepers are being delivered for this line, approximately 50km long,
with its numerous stations and depots.

The first 40,000 concrete sleepers are being produced in Greece and will be
delivered between July and December of 2010. For production of the additional
110,000 sleepers, a licence factory will be built in Taiwan as contracted
by the company Teh Hsin Enterprise, and is planned to
commence operations in March of 2011. The RAIL.ONE scope of work includes
the engineering, the delivery of materials and equipment, the setting
up and initial startup of the production facilities, as well as supervisory functions
for the manufacturing processes.

In addition to RAIL.ONE’s participation in construction of the Taiwan high-speed rail line, as well as in products for the Taiwan Railways Administration for upgrading the existing network, the award of the contract for the airport
link is an additional important project for RAIL.ONE in Taiwan. As Ralf D Sobottka, president and CEO of RAIL.ONE, stated, “This contract
for our company shows once again the great trust that RAIL.ONE –
with its technologically leading ballastless track technology – enjoys in the
railway industry. It further confirms the satisfaction of our customers and
partners with our performance.”