With the company SAM Technology Engineers, Nencki of Langenthal, Switzerland was able to find a strong and well-established partner for the Australian market. SAM Technology will represent Nencki in the field of railway maintenance enterprises.

The rail network in Australia incorporates approximately 44,000km at the present time. Over 20 railway operators are using a total of approximately 1,000 locomotives and 10,000 freight cars on three track gauges. Especially the coal and cane-sugar transport shares a large capacity of the rail network.

With Sam Technology Engineers, established partner in the railway branch since 1970, Nencki is intending to enter the Australian market, as a worldwide leading manufacturer of bogie test stands. A personal support for the complex bogie testing and maintenance processes is essential. SAM Technology Engineers can also well assist Nencki for the after sales service through the existing infrastructure.

The high demands on the rolling stock for freight transport require reliable testing. An important factor is the checking of bogies and springs for possible faults. An accurate adjustment of wheel loads and bogie geometry reduces the wear and consequently the operating costs of rail and rolling stock.

With the Nencki bogie test stand NBT the condition of the bogie is tested under load, prior to disassembly or re-mounting on the vehicle.

Nencki manufacturing in Switzerland, offers a complete range of equipment for testing and maintaining rolling stock, consisting of: bogie test stands NBT, spring test presses NST, wheel weighing machines NWW as well as ergonomical bogie lifting systems NBL. Nencki uses quality components to guarantee highest reliability for over 60 years.