Rittal has significantly expanded the flexibility and modularity of Ri4Power. Combining Ri4Power low-voltage switchgear with designs 1 and 2-4 to form a single system technology, Ri4Power Form 1-4, allows switchgear manufacturers to fabricate every known form of internal subdivision from one single set of modules. Units for very different needs and applications can be made with one and the same component.

Switchgear manufacturers now have access to three busbar systems for the different performance categories of one single low-voltage switchgear system. RiLine60, as a compact busbar system with component and connection adaptors, offers a solution for up to 1,600A for power distribution at the lower distribution level. Maxi-PLS provides a compact busbar system of 1,000A – 4,000A that cuts installation time and Flat-PLS is a rugged busbar system for currents up to 5,500A, based on flat copper bars, meeting maximum requirements with its high short-circuit resistance.

Benefits for the plant manufacturer is that article selection is made much simpler by the combination of versions 1 and 2-4 and because of the unified busbar position, the same system structures can always be used for the various configurations.

It is also possible to plan and configure the various combinations quickly and easily, with the aid of Rittal’s power engineering software version 5.0. With the assistance of the integrated assembly planning tool, individual assembly plans can be drawn up for each enclosure field. From these, the switchgear manufacturer can assign the different components quickly and perform assembly smoothly.

Rittal Ri4Power represents a uniform system solution for low-voltage switchgear of up to 5,500A in versions 1-4, based on the Rittal TS 8 ‘Top Enclosure’ system.