Rittal has launched its new range of PMC 12 UPS systems based on one of the most robust design topologies. The PMC 12 takes the strain in the event of mains electrical supply problems ensuring a secure supply. It can be used as tower or as a 19in mountable system, with a LCD display, and is available in 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4.5kVA and 6kVA sizes. Adjustable for current needs, both the 4.5kVA and 6kVA versions can be paralleled to give additional power or additional resilience.

The PMC 12 UPS is distinguished by its use of double-conversion topology. Double-conversion technology provides the basis for an optimum supply voltage to all connected loads. This makes the Rittal PMC 12 UPS ideally suited for all applications in the IT environment and for other requirements such as automation technology, system control etc.

Business cannot survive and function without a secure electricity supply. Power demand is on the increase, its future sourcing still under discussion and undecided which will inevitably put additional stresses on the national grid. Supplied with the shutdown and monitoring software the PMC 12 really offers the best defence against main born issues.