Following a great deal of investment into machinery and equipment, Rittal has launched a new service branded RittalXpress. The main aim of the service is to save customers time and money by placing orders via an online configurator, or by contacting the designated RittalXpress team.

RittalXpress has been created following extensive market research and discussions with customers, which highlighted that requirements from a key supplier would be more support in delivering a one-stop cost-effective enclosure solution, pre-configured and delivered within a short time period, allowing more time for concentration on their core business activities.

It is now possible to order a complete enclosure solution from one source with one invoice and one delivery from the largest range of enclosures that can be modified and delivered within seven working days. This provides a complete turn-key enclosure solution.

With access to the new RittalXpress website at it is possible to search for a product to suit your requirements by either application, size, IP-rating, material or part number. You can then configure the enclosure by adding the required accessories from the Rittal range, with the added benefit of knowing that only accessories suited to the chosen part number will be available for your selection, preventing mistakes from incorrect selections.

RittalXpress can also incorporate modification of the enclosure from simple holes, round or square including threads, through to more time-consuming cut-outs, such as large apertures for fans and filters, baying kits or special repeat patterns. This is possible to carry out on any face of the enclosure whether it is the door, roof, side panels, gland plates or mounting panels, using the latest machinery to provide high tolerances of accuracy, improving overall quality and eliminating expensive mistakes, leaving all the risk with Rittal.