Railway technology company OEM Technology Solutions (OEM) has tripled its revenue since 2005 by servicing a growing worldwide railway technology market. OEM is an Australian-based company, designing electronic systems for rail applications. It has long specialised in control and monitoring systems for applications such as rail air conditioning.

OEM has extended its capabilities to offer proven and certified electronic hardware for a wide range of railway applications such as onboard video surveillance, train telecommunications and telemetry, as well as safety critical systems such as automatic train management systems.

OEM has been very successful in Australia by securing major projects such as the Waratah trains, the Tangara upgrade in NSW and the VicRail HVAC refurbishment. The company has also had exceptional growth winning international supply contracts in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the US for their railway-compliant automation and control products.

Since exhibiting at the Innotrans in Berlin in 2008, which is the world’s largest rail exhibition, OEM has secured projects for major European organisations such as Vossloh Kiepe in Austria, Nokia Siemens Networks in Germany and Noske-Kaeser in Germany. “It’s all about offering high quality rail hardened equipment at competitive a price,” said Richard Gobee, OEM executive director. “We have worked hard in Europe and have opened a sales office in Munich to service our European clients.”