One of the biggest enemies for users of outdoor enclosures is the onset of cold weather and with it the possibility of condensation within the structure. In order to eliminate this unwanted natural event, Rittal has introduced heaters for their outdoor cabinet range to keep the chill off delicate electronics housed within them. These, coupled with some enclosures incorporating a double wall design, can ensure the installed equipment works faultlessly throughout periods of miserable weather.

With 400W and 800W outputs, the heaters may be positioned anywhere inside the enclosures to prevent temperatures dropping below operational levels.

Able to simply snap-on to DIN top hat rail or screw onto punched frame sections in Rittal’s TS 8-based outdoor enclosure range, the fan-assisted heaters are provided with a protective grill in both the air inlet and outlet.

A thermostat is also available to regulate the heaters as required.