Transport for London (TfL) is investing in the future of Tramlink and is developing a comprehensive programme of enhanced maintenance, renewals, upgrades and capacity enhancement for implementation between now and 2018.

Firstco was recently approached by TfL to undertake a study into the London Tramlink Communications and Control (C&C) systems.

The study comprised three workstreams and their associated deliverables. These workstreams consisted of:

1. Principal requirements document (PRD): Firstco facilitated a series of stakeholder workshops to elicit the C&C user requirements and produced a comprehensive PRD detailing them system-by-system.

2. Gap analysis: Firstco undertook site surveys to assess the status of the existing Tramlink C&C systems and produced a gap analysis report highlighting the gaps between the PRD requirements and the actual systems witnessed.

3. System mandates: Firstco produced a systems mandates report recommending proposed C&C system upgrade solutions to meet the PRD requirements in full, along with associated budgets and timescales.

Firstco is delighted to be working on this opportunity with TFL Tramlink. Firstco’s Jim Taylor, design manager, said: “Tramlink has a clear vision of where they want to be and Firstco is helping them to achieve that vision.”