TagMaster, the leading producer of advanced RFID
solutions for access control and rail applications, has delivered a newly developed UHF RFID system
to Banverket (The Swedish Rail Administration), a rail infrastructure owner/manager in
Sweden. The equipment will be used for a proof-of-concept trial, in which Banverket are evaluating the
TagMaster equipment as part of its ongoing evaluation of several RFID systems for use on the
Swedish rail network.

The proof-of-concept will initially be verifying Banverket’s intention to use the UHF ISO 18000-6
type C standard (also referred to as EPC Gen2) for identifying goods wagons in Sweden. Banverket,
along with several other infrastructure owners and interested parties, are encouraging the European
Rail Agency to adopt this ISO standard, paving the way for the introduction of European-wide wagon
tagging, where interoperability is a primary requirement.

TagMaster has developed a new UHF RFID reader, based on its existing fourth-generation reader
technology. This innovative solution features the best components from our existing platform,
including the Linux operating platform, adaptable web interface for configuration and connectivity
options. The TagMaster software development kit will also be available with additional functionality
for developing customised applications for this UHF system.

“We are very pleased Banverket has selected TagMaster as one of the technology partners for their
UHF proof-of-concept programme. TagMaster has been supporting Banverket in various RFID
technology trials over the past few years, including the FREIGHTWISE project. Our continued cooperation
with this UHF technology confirms Banverket’s confidence in TagMaster and our ability to
meet the developing demands of the rail industry. We see this new UHF technology as a compliment
to our existing 2.45GHz RFID system, where each frequency offers specific advantages depending
on the application and operational requirements,” says Richard Holt, director of transportation at