At InnoTrans 2010, the international trade show for rail transport technology in Berlin, ContiTech will be focusing on safe products and systems for rail vehicles.

New technological developments at ContiTech Air Spring Systems and worldwide service make a major contribution to rendering eco-friendly rail transport even safer. Here a rundown of the highlights at the trade show:

Air spring system with data storage

ContiTech is the first manufacture to succeed in integrating an electronic data carrier into its air spring bellows. The transponder chip defies the high temperatures prevailing in the manufacturing process as well as the pressure and elongation occurring when the bellows are in service.

Chip technology opens up whole new possibilities: “Vital product information can now be monitored electronically and remains fully accessible even years later, despite contamination and wear in the intervening time,” notes Friedrich Hoppmann, head of the ContiTech railway engineering segment, citing the advantages.

Every air spring system can be unmistakably identified at any time. The service information is stored and updated whenever the system is serviced. This allows for optimum replacement of air spring systems.

The chip also protects the manufacturer and operator from product counterfeits, of the kind showing up even at InnoTrans more and more frequently. For rail transport, this amounts to a big step in the direction of greater safety. Air spring bellows from ContiTech with integrated radio chip.

Sensor technology – electronically controlled air spring systems

For test purposes, ContiTech integrated a non-contact height and pressure sensor into the air springs on a passenger train car. The sensor provides the technical basis for the use of electronically controlled systems with electrically actuated valves.

To date, level is currently pneumatic valves have been used for ride-height control. These valves are actuated by means of a system of levers. Conventional level control of this kind causes increased air loss because it is permanently active and also adjusts for dynamic level changes occurring while the vehicle is in motion.

Electronic control considerably reduces the frequency of adjustment processes because it acts only when there are load changes due to passengers getting on or off.

Global sales network

ContiTech is on track worldwide – ready to heed your call within 24 hours. For this purpose ContiTech Railway Engineering has a closely-knit sales network of experienced technicians on service 24/7 all around the globe.

This enables the company to remain within easy reach of the customers even after the air suspension systems have been installed. It can respond to a call in less than 24 hours and see to it that original replacement parts are not only supplied but also immediately installed in the train.

ContiTech Railway Engineering is the number one supplier of suspension concepts for rail transport technology. The Hanover, Germany-based ContiTech Air Spring Systems segment stands for innovative and safe suspension technology for modern rail vehicles in local, long-distance and high-speed transport.

As a development partner and manufacturer for original equipment, ContiTech develops complete suspension concepts and system solutions for primary and secondary suspension systems. By using high quality materials and material combinations, we are able to satisfy the most stringent requirements in terms of safety, comfort, speed and vehicle noise reduction while upping the economic efficiency of freight and passenger transport.

You will be able to find ContiTech Railway Engineering at Innotrans, from 21 – 24 September 2010 at booth 230 in hall 6.2.