SpinetiX is celebrating the success in winning the Best Digital Signage Product (category sponsored by Sony) at the AV Awards as well as being involved in the DOOH Award 2010, Installation Gold Award won by key partner, Madrid-based Tecnilogica Soluciones Avanzadas for the Spanish Senate project in Madrid, Spain.

“Each member of the SpinetiX team is ecstatic about earning their position in the digital signage industry and to date we have received some very positive recognition and prestigious awards for our all-in-one digital signage hardware and software product and its demonstrated use in the market,” says Serge Konter, marketing manager at SpinetiX.

The HMP100 Hyper media player uses open software standards, meeting the growing demand for affordable and targeted messaging for a variety of custom applications in digital signage. It’s a cost-effective, dedicated and stand-alone alternative to traditional PC-based solutions to deliver content and can even be integrated with auxiliary equipment, such as 3G, GPS, RFID, video walls and kiosks.

“The great support and success of our technology is due to the work we have done with technology partners during 2010. This includes AMX, Scala, Technilogica and Texas Instruments. Their great support and terrific working relationship we enjoy has earned us such successes.”

Always looking towards the future, SpinetiX will introduce their next generation products at InfoComm Asia 2010, where the company expects to build on the success enjoyed in 2010 alone.