The Viper series of rugged Ethernet switches from Westermo have been installed in the driverless trains operating on Singapore’s new subway line.

This year, the first phase of Singapore’s massive underground project will be complete. The expansion of the underground network is built in stages, and first to be finished is the Circle Line, which will be one of the world’s most modern and longest automated metro, situated entirely underground. The first part of the track was partially opened for use back in 2009, but this year the entire Circle Line will be completed. The additional 33.3km new track surrounds Singapore downtown and nearly double the islands underground network.

The new route is occupied by driverless trains where the Viper series of Ethernet switches were chosen to provide for the data communications enabling on-board passenger information. Screens in the train provide commuters with real-time travel information, news and weather updates.

The Viper is designed for severe operating conditions with its rugged M12 connectors, an IP65 sealed metal case and no sensitive or fragile components. The switches have an impressive 100 year MTBF (mean time between failure) as well as meeting the EN 50155 standard for electronic equipment used in railway applications, which made the Viper the ideal choice for this application.

Supplying products to projects like this proves Westermo’s position as a world leading provider of robust data communications.