TVAB have signed an agreement to sell all our shares in TVAB International to Aros Quality Group – AQG.

AQG is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of components and systems with an impressive growth record.

TVAB will add significant business volume to the AQG and bring new customers and a modern production facility in Poland together with an experienced market organisation in Sweden.

TVAB’s legal entity will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of AQG and will be the foundation for the new cable harness division within AQG that includes also the existing AQ harness business.

TVAB will change name to AQ Wiring Systems.

Current registration codes and all commercial agreements etc. remain unchanged and valid. We foresee no major changes in our organization and we (Per Axéll and Lennarth Wernvik) will continue to manage AQ Wiring Systems from our current positions for the next few years.