Southco® announces the release of the EA-R01 wireless FRO remote controller. The EA-R01 provides a durable method of controlling access to multiple locked compartments from distances up to 100 feet. Designed to meet harsh environmental needs across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, the EA-R01 features a water resistant potted construction and two sequenced 30 amp output channels to minimise load on the battery, while operating multiple latch points. Additional features include a light/horn output, simple transmitter programming and labeled connections for clear system configuration.

The EA-R01 allows customers to integrate reliable remote locking and unlocking and eliminates the need for manual confirmation of individual secured compartments. The solution supports multiple electronic locks and up to four transmitters. Transmitters are easily added or deleted with a simple pushbutton learn feature designed into the receiver.

The EA-R01 receiver, with its unique potted construction, is water resistant and dustproof to an IP67 rating and able to withstand vibration and temperature variations between -29°C to +82°C. The design of the receiver provides the added benefit of easy installation, and discreet location when required, and features replaceable fuses at each labeled circuit, allowing for straightforward maintenance. The transmitter is also customisable for color, style and design.

Business development manager Steve Spiting adds, “The EA-R01 was designed specifically for use in rugged environments, one example being those encountered by work trucks, emergency vehicles and recreational vehicles. Whatever the application, we’ve combined the peace of mind security of remote RF access control with durability, ease of installation and multiple lock functionality.”