EAO, the expert partner for human machine interfaces, is offering a new spring terminal connector technology for the popular series 04 switch range.

The series 04 PIT (push-in terminal), which features a spring terminal connection from Phoenix Contact, reduces assembly times by up to 70% compared to screw terminals. It offers a more reliable, secure connection in combination with a very high resistance to vibration. Moreover, the cable connection is accomplished without any tools at all.

To achieve a secure connection, all there needs to be done is to push the stripped wire-end into the spring terminal which applies the correct pressure to maintain a secure connection over the lifetime of the switch. Depending on the application, not even bootlace ends (core-end sleeves) are needed. PIT offers protection against contact according to IP20.

The EAO series 04 has been upgraded with the following three products with push in terminal technology: a snap-action switch element (gold/silver), a slow-make element (gold/silver) and a lamp block. The elements are stackable, providing the flexibility to use up to six contacts per switch.

The push-in-terminals connect to any of the series 04 actuators, including square and round pushbutton versions, two- or three-position lever switches, key lock switches, emergency-stops and large-headed buttons. Most of these products are available with LED illumination.

Series 04 equipment offers front protection IP65 and is rated 500VAC. It fits into 22.5mm mounting holes (raised mounting) or 30.5mm round and square cut-outs (flush mounting). The operating temperature is -25°C to 55°C. All products comply with international standards including CE, RoHS, CB – EN/IEC 60947-5-1, UL (pending for PIT), NFF 16-102, CSA, CCC, GOST, German Lloyd.

EAO’s series 04 PIT will benefit any application where fast and reliable assembly techniques are a top priority – especially with transportation, mechanical engineering and process automation.