Torque multipliers from Snap-on Industrial are suitable for any high torque, confined space situation. Not only will a torque multiplier help to make sure your fasteners are properly tightened, but it will help improve worker efficiency – two things that add up to increased productivity.

A Snap-on torque multiplier makes the toughest nut-turning jobs a snap. The gear train increases the mechanical advantage of a ratchet in direct proportion to the gear ratio of the multiplier. For instance, using a Snap-on GA184A torque multiplier, which has a gear ratio of 4.0:1, and then applying 100lb/ft of input, the result will provide approximately 400lb/ft of torque to a threaded fastener.

We recommend using the Snap-on TORQOMETER® with our multipliers. TORQOMETERs are extremely accurate, to within ±2% of reading from 20% of full scale to full scale.

The TORQOMETER is perfect for applications where accuracy is required and where a torque multiplier is more convenient than a wrench. The indicator has a male square drive on the bottom that interfaces with the socket or fastener; on the top is a female square that accepts the multiplier. This configuration allows the indicator to display the true torque delivered to the fastener.

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