The US Department of Transportation has awarded the 2009 Small Business of the Year to Mafeks International, AMECO’s Iraqi division, and AMECO’s president, Howard E McCall, Jr. The award is presented for Mafeks International’s “excellence in management, entrepreneurial spirit, customer service and outstanding performance to the US Department of Transportation.”

AMECO is the controlling partner of Mafeks International, a company which was created specifically for business activities in Iraq. The honor from the US Department of Transportation is based on Mafeks’ work in helping to rebuild the Iraqi railway, via a communication-based train control system (positive train control) and a microwave communications network. The US Department of Transportation felt that our team’s commitment, on-time delivery, outstanding service, and overall project success were worthy of the highest supplier rating and the honor of Small Business of the Year. We are very proud to be honored by the US Government with this award, but we are most proud of our successful delivery, installation, commissioning, and service of the positive train control system in the country of Iraq, during such a difficult time and in such a demanding environment.

AMECO and Mafeks International are committed to providing sales and service with the highest integrity and commitment to success. We continually strive to provide that same high level of service to our customers worldwide.