Grau Elektronik’s 25W DC/DC high-reliability rail converters for chassis or PCB mounting are available for two different input voltage ranges: 14.4V-50.4V and 43.2V-154V at EN 50155.

The operating temperature range is -40°C up to +70°C (85°C for 10min). The converters are designed to work in very harsh environments. The input stage is protected against RIA 12 voltage fluctuations.

Input to output is galvanically isolated. The DC/DC converters are continuously no-load and short-circuit approved. No additional components are necessary for EMC and cooling demands.

The converters are available either in an IP 20 housing or an IP 00 housing (for PCB open frame operation).

The efficiency is 87% and 92% for P out>= 0.7 Poutnom. The dimensions are very compact: 107mm x 63mm x 30mm.