Lat-Lon announced today that its solar powered Damage Prevention Unit (DPU/i) equipped with the optional an 3 axis impact accelometer hit record sales for the first half of the year.

Both shippers and railroads use the DPU/i to identify handling problems during transit. Waukesha Electric Systems, the largest manufacturer of medium-power transformers uses the DPU/i to monitor its shipments. Union Pacific uses the portable units to insure customers loads are handled properly.

The DPU/i has been used to reverse damage claims by one customer and was involved in a derailment with another where impact data was used to evaluate the condition of the load.

250 units were sold in the first six months of 2007 and Lat-Lon is on pace to sell over 500 DPU/i units this year doubling last years pace.

The accelometer data provides valuable information to distinguish between slack action events while moving, empty car impacts, loaded car impacts, and cushioned versus non-cushioned impacts.

Impact sensor thresholds can now be sent to the unit wirelessly from your desktop. This allows shippers to fine tune the DPU/i for different types of cars and loads.

The 7.25 inch x 9 inch x 4.5 inch DPU/i is magnetically mounted to a load in seconds and will report impacts in real time using the GSM cellular network. Emails or text messages can be sent immediately upon impacts being detected. Reports and historical data can be viewed on the Lat-Lon website as well as detailed maps showing all tracks within yards were most of the impacts occur.


Lat-Lon, LLC was founded in 1999 in Denver Colorado to provide GPS based management tools for railroad industry. It is a member of the Tegra Corp group of companies (established 1918) and is privately held.