Stutensee – Only one year after construction works got underway, NDT Systems & Services (NDT) has moved to its new premises in Stutensee, Germany.

The ongoing success and growth of the globally operating automated non-destructive inspection systems company led to the decision to build a new headquarters. The enormous growth of the company since its
founding in the year 2000 had lately caused serious space constrictions that will finally come to an

The new headquarter complex covers a space of roughly 7,500m² and keeps a perfect
balance between functionality and representation. It has been planned and executed by the
building company Vollack, from Karlsruhe, Germany.

The new company headquarters will see a reintegration of employees, offices and workshops that
up till now have been divided among different locations. Alfred Barbian, CEO of the company, sees
high potential for a more effective cooperation of the different departments and a newly heightened
sense of belonging for all employees. Therefore the CEO is eager to point out that, “it has been of
utmost concern for the management to reintegrate our different business units NDT Systems, NDT
Services and NDT Engineering in one location in order to facilitate the easy exchange of know-how
between our specialists.”

On another level, the new location is also a positive sign for all stakeholders, boldly illustrating the
continuous growth of the company, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted in times of
economic recession. The medium and long-term commitment for growth has already been illustrated
by the takeover of the activities of Tuboscope Pipeline Services, which was finalized in the
autumn of 2008 and changed NDT into a true global player.

With the worldwide pipeline infrastructure
aging and numerous countries having intensified the measures that have to be taken for the safe
operation of a pipeline, the need for inspection solutions of highest quality that only a hightechnology
company like NDT can provide is higher than ever. New fields for business, like
inspection systems for train wheels and wheel-sets as well as a new inspection tool for gas
pipelines, provide optimal perspectives for growth in Stutensee.

Nonetheless, the technology leader in automated inspection systems also emphasises continuity
by keeping its headquarters in Stutensee, in the north of the Karlsruhe technology region. It
is here where nine years ago the 27 founders of this innovative company started out, and
it is here that NDT is connected to. It is ideally located in close proximity to the major research
institutions and universities that form this unique technology region in the southwest of Germany.