HUBER+SUHNER has many years of skilled experience in the rail sector, meaning our qualified employees can work on the most complex projects demanding different areas of skill. Our cable system technology is equipped for any task – whether technical, geographical or any other demanding challenge.

HUBER+SUHNER’s engineering teams are composed of technical specialists with widely supported experience, having direct access to the extensive expertise of the company group. The cable system technology is based on solutions focused on customer needs, which provide for security and functionality. This uncompromising claim to consistency is confirmed time and time again by the group’s project management skills in combined technology, system engineering and construction of prototypes and series. We have worked on both national and international projects.

When it comes to cables, we guarantee the ongoing optimisation of the best products on the market, such as RADOX® rail cables. In parallel to this, we progress the development of new successful product ranges in a targeted manner. All areas of the railway, including underground trains and trams, locomotives, and suburban and high-speed trains, are benefitting from our extensive cross-sector expertise.

Connectivity on the train

The increasing expectations of public transport as regards high-performance railway networks as well as higher speeds in passenger and freight transport, mean operators and system integrators are always looking for new, better-performing solutions. Our cable system technology offers these solutions – it is on-site, skilled and just-in-time.

Mobility open to the future

Equipped with a bundle of innovative solutions from our product portfolio, our cable system technology guarantees customers across the world an advantage over the market. Innovative services from new development to cable assembly bring them added value, which the customer relies upon and uses to generate a competitive advantage in a competitive climate.