For the first time in Europe, the Westphalian Railways verified a rail weighing system designed for accurate acquisition of the weights of rail vehicles with the use of an integrated static reference scale.

Since the Verification Act requires a separate static reference scale to be used for the verification of any dynamic scale, our customers save a huge amount of time. With the use of this system configuration, train weighing on a normally miles away static reference scale can be dispensed with as the system already incorporates the static reference scale. After the static accuracy check, the reference train is weighed dynamically on the same system, so that the scale is immediately able to acquire the weights of wagons with solid or liquid load legal-for-trade during transit.

Already in May 2001, the novel MULTIRAIL® system attracted the attention of the visitors of the “transport logistic“ show because of its well-thought out conception and excellent suitability for industrial use.

According to its manufacturer, Schenck Process GmbH of Darmstadt, the system presently come on stream clearly demonstrates the noticeable lead in experience in the field of dynamic rail weighing systems with continuous rails.

Verification has been performed in accordance with OIML R106, Class 0.5 “Single Wagon Weights for Solids and Liquids”.

The rail weighing system offers flagship technology also in terms of construction: for MULTIRAIL®, a special concrete weighing tie with highly accurate integrated weighbeams has been developed, and is designed to acquire and transmit all forces and moments. Values and associated data are processed via weighing electronics and customized PC systems.

Modern tools enable the Schenck weighing system to perform a genuine remote diagnosis via on-line connections between PC systems and manufacturer’s plant.

The special attraction of MULTIRAIL®:

the installation with continuous rails and without foundation can be completed in a few hours.