MTM Power, the specialist for individual power supplies, has completed the HSD15 series for DC input voltage by introducing a range of primary switched DC/DC converters for DIN rail modules. The devices offer an input voltage range of 20VDC to 72VDC and allow efficient solutions for different applications where low power is needed.

Due to the thermo-selective vacuum encapsulation the devices offer the best possible protection against dust and humidity and are especially robust against mechanical stresses like shock and vibration.

The 15W and 30W modules are available with the single outputs of 12V, 24V and 48V. The vacuum-encapsulated modules offer an isolation of 3.3kVAC between input and output and comply with the up-to-date EN standards as regards CE conformity. Further features are SMD technology-supported production, 100% burn-in test and automatic 100% final test.

HSD series equipment is protected against short-circuiting and needs no ground load. The HSD modules are multi-purpose power supplies with high density with dimensions of 29mm x 115mm x 76mm (HSD15) and 42mm x 115mm x 75mm (HSD30).