Tensar International has announced the completion of its acquisition of Mulch and Seed Innovations.

The combination of Tensar International and MSI supplements an industry-leading portfolio in soil reinforcement, stabilisation and, now, hydraulic erosion control and vegetation establishment. Prior to the acquisition, Tensar International was the exclusive distributor of MSI’s HydraMatriCx® Series and GeoSkin® Series hydraulic erosion control products (HECPs) sold through its erosion/sediment control and turf reinforcement authorised distribution network.

“This is a natural transition for the relationship between these two companies,” said Robert Vevoda, president of Tensar International. “MSI has spent three generations of research and innovation in agriculture development, specifically in cotton and cottonseed. Their efforts to capitalise on the natural strengths of reclaimed cotton plant materials has led to the first and only HECP in the industry to demonstrate no measurable soil loss in the American Association of State Highway Transportation Official’s National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (AASHTO-NTPEP) large-scale slope testing.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for Mulch and Seed,” agreed founder and president of MSI, Andy Ellis. “Commercial and residential development, as well as highway road construction continues to offer an increasingly challenging set of environmental and ecological regulatory parameters. Consequently, the efficacy of the products we use to address these challenges is as important as the issues that present them. We’re thrilled to see our research and product platforms move to Tensar International, a company that has the experience and resources to manufacture and deliver outstanding products. We’re confident the hard work of the Tensar International team will continue and will lead to new technologies.”

“We’ve had a productive and successful relationship with our partners at MSI,” Vevoda said. “We look forward to continuing this tradition and welcome MSI’s highly experienced and talented employees to our team, including Andy Ellis, Wae Ellis and Luke Richardson among others at their Centre, Ala. manufacturing plant.”