Eching, Germany — The new Kontron CP308 3U CompactPCI multicore board with CP308-MEDIA extension card is one of the first embedded products to feature the new HD digital display interface standard DisplayPort. With S/P-DIF-Out audio and the stereo audio ports for line in, line out and microphone, this processor board with the innovative Kontron CP308-MEDIA extension card adds extensive multimedia capabilities to embedded computing.

The Kontron CP308 features the high-performance 45nm Intel Core 2 Duo processor up to 2.26GHz, the most powerful embedded Intel GS45 graphics and memory controller hub, up to 8GB of energy-efficient DDR3 RAM, and the ICH9M Intel I/O controller hub. With its excellent computing and multimedia performance, it is the perfect solution for applications such as digital signage, passenger information and entertainment, process and quality control, and surveillance and security in the transportation, aerospace, military and industrial automation markets.

Kontron CP308-MEDIA capabilities

The Kontron CP308-MEDIA features two DisplayPort interfaces on the front for direct-drive, end-to-end communication between the board and different panels. Compared to DVI or LVDS DisplayPort there is reduced cabling, connector footprint and minimal need for additional monitor electronics for panel control. Furthermore, the latching DisplayPort connector guarantees upmost mechanical stability.

With conventional adapters, DisplayPort also connects to HDMI, DVI or VGA monitors. The optical S/P-DIF-Out transmits digital Intel HD Audio. Analogue audio signals are transmitted via the stereo audio ports for line in, line out and microphone. On-board the Kontron CP308-MEDIA are connectors for COM and SATA, an SD/SDHC socket, a CompactFlash socket and a Mini PCI Express socket. Extending the Kontron CP308-MEDIA via an additional Mini PCI Express device like WLAN, GPRS, Network or SSD, the CPU board offers maximum flexibility.

The Kontron CP308-MEDIA runs with Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or XP embedded, and the upcoming Windows 7 will also be supported. Highly integrated board support packages support all on-board hardware devices. Samples of the Kontron CP308-MEDIA extension module are available now. Full production is scheduled for Q4 of 2009.