GIGABOX provides freight cars with greater running smoothness and lower maintenance costs, noise reduction of up to 3dB(A), and is suitable for Y25 bogeys.

In the framework of the federally-supported “quiet traffic” research association, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is participating in the freight traffic project, “a quiet train on a real track – L Zar G”, with GIGABOX, the unique system consisting of wheel set bearings and hydraulic springs. The “quiet traffic” research association is supposed to implement the EU target of reducing rail traffic noise by 20dB(A) by the year 2020, which would represent a 50% drop in rail traffic noise compared to 2002.

“The L Zar G project is striving to reduce freight traffic noise by five to seven decibels at the source – the wheels. With the GIGABOX, we want to get rid of up to 3dB(A),” declared Friedrich Hoppmann, segment manager for ContiTech Railway Engineering. The L Zar G research project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and is run by the rail industry, universities and operators.

The GIGABOX was developed in collaboration with the SKF Group. Thanks to the bearing-suspension concept with integrated rubber spring and hydraulic damping, a much better running smoothness can be achieved for freight cars. The hydraulic springs integrated in the system isolate the vibrations generated by contact between the wheel and rail. The GIGABOX additionally functions as a wheel control and, in this way, contributes towards safety at travel speeds exceeding 120km/h.

Accordingly, it enables freight trains to travel faster and thus makes them more cost efficient. In addition, the system boasts a service interval of ten years, or one million kilometers, and is compatible with the standard bogey (Y25).