Eching, Germany – The new Kontron Nano Client 10.4in fanless touch-panel PC with Intel Atom Z5xx processor is protected by a fully-sealed IP66 stainless steel housing and recommended for use as an HMI for harsh environments with high hygiene requirements. Its open x86 architecture also facilitates variant creation and offers a future-proof alternative to RISC-based solutions.

In contrast to RISC-based HMIs, which are clearly more application-limited and dedicated to specific functions, the Kontron Nano Client 10.4in offers an open and therefore easily scalable x86 platform. The ability to run the same software on a range of x86-based platforms means development efforts can be reduced. The hardware enables application-specific variations to be developed – OEM versions of the system are available through Kontron original design and manufacturing (ODM) services.

The 10.4in touch-panel PC is fully protected against dust and spray and meets the highest hygienic requirements. Its IP66-protected stainless steel (V2A) housing is free of any grooves and edges where dirt could accumulate. The stand-alone device can be quickly and easily integrated, thanks to its VESA mount, and it is particularly suitable in applications for the: food and beverage industry, in shop-floor solutions (from the receipt of goods to shipping), hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical production, as a POS terminal or kiosk panel, and in building automation. Plus, thanks to its rugged design, it is also suitable for use in any industrial environment.

The Kontron Nano Client 10.4in is equipped with a 45nm Intel Atom Z5xx processor up to 1.6GHz and the highly-integrated US15W Intel system controller hub, as well as a maximum of 1,024MB soldered RAM, allowing it to run demanding web-based visualisations.

It also includes all required interfaces for HMI or terminal applications: one Gigabit Ethernet port, one USB 2.0 port, compact flash for data storage, a robust system design with no moving parts, and excellent vibration and shock resistance. A 24VDC power supply rounds out the industrial-grade feature set.

The CE-certified Kontron Nano Client 10.4in is now available in EMEA and later this year in the US and APAC. It supplements the Kontron Nano Client family, which is available with a 15in monitor. It supports Windows CE, Windows XP embedded, and embedded Linux.